Lady Blue's Boutique 

"where queens shop"

Where Queens Shop

. We enjoy the beauty of the Fashions we sell.  Our styles are from some of the best quality labels in the industry, to name a few DonnaVinci, Love the Queen, Donna, Champagne, Elite, Aussie Austine, Ben Marc, Fifth Sunday, and more. 

Lady Blue's Boutique offers an array of beautiful designer suits, dresses, hats, Queen cloths (aka) lap cloths and other accessories for Queens of Fashions.  
We also carry a full line of accessories including jewelry, brooches, purses, and other fashion items. Our suits, dresses, hats and accessories are perfect for any occasion: - Church – Holidays – Birthdays - Baptisms- Sororities- Weddings-Tea Parties - First Ladies-Proms-Horse Races -Women's Day- Red Hat Society- Missionary Boards- Deaconess Boards-Banquets-Appreciation programs

We offer traditional  and highly styled "Queen Cloths" (aka) lap cloths as a coordinating accessory to your suit, hat or shoes.  Our "queen cloths are designed and sewn right inside our store.  Additionally, we are family, veteran and locally owned and operated.